Breakfast and After School Clubs


Our Wraparound Care Offer

Here at Adderlane we provide wraparound care for children aged 3-9. We offer a breakfast each morning from 8:00am and our school-led This & That Club until 5:00pm.

We are a cashless school, please click here to pay for Breakfast Club and This and That.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is ran by Mrs Blackburn. We have a selection of cereals, toast, juice and milk to enjoy each morning. There are always lots of different activities for us, including games, crafts and colouring in. The cost of our Breakfast Club is £1.50.

This & That Club

This & That Club is exactly what it says on the tin - a bit of This and a bit of That! We get upto lots of fun - whether it's crafting, cooking, making Lego sculptures or using our Chromebooks. We sometimes have special themed days, including gift-making for Mother's Day. Our school-led club is ran by Mrs Smith and Miss Blackburn. It runs until 5:00pm each night.

Depending on your childcare needs, This & That Club is £2 (3pm-4pm) or £4 (3pm-5pm).  We do advise booking your child into This and That by 12pm via parent pay, if you require club after this time please contact the school office directly.

External Clubs

We also have lots of other exciting clubs such as Dance, Karate and Boxing. These clubs usually run until 4:00pm. If you need wraparound care until 5:00pm, your child can join our school-led This & That Club afterwards until 5:00pm.

The costs of these clubs vary. Please call our Office Manager, Mrs Dixon, on 01661 833996 for more information.


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