Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) at Adderlane is Mrs Potts.

At Adderlane we recognise that all children have their own individual needs.

We believe at Adderlane that our sound relationships and thorough knowledge of the child allow us to identify at an early stage the specific needs of the child. There are times when a child may require additional support in school. Often these needs can be met through high quality teaching. On occasions we may reach out to outside agencies and professionals. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our colleagues in outside agencies to ensure the provision for children identified as having Special Educational Needs is well matched and will ensure the very best progress for the child. 
Having worked with outside agencies to further develop the provision for the child and evaluate the child's Special Educational Needs support plan, it may be necessary to apply for an Education Health Care Plan. As a school we will work in partnership with the parents/carers of the child to apply for the EHCP if this is an appropriate course of action. 
If a child is identified as having Special Educational Needs we believe that communication is key. This takes the form of initial information being shared between school and carers, sharing of initial plans and subsequent evaluation of plans, joint referral to outside agencies and where necessary application of EHCP. 

OFSTED (2019): "Leaders are determined that pupils will succeed. They offer the correct balance of support and challenge for all. Disadvantaged pupils and those pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) achieve well.


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