If you are interested in your child attending Adderlane Academy, we invite you to come and visit our school. Please make an appointment with our Office Manager, Mrs Dixon, on 01661 833996. This will give you the opportunity to see our school in action, meet our staff and children, and ask any questions you might have.

Adderlane Academy is a non-selective school for the local community. As such, the admissions policy reflects the locally co-ordinated admissions scheme. After admitting students with a statement of SEN, followed by ‘Looked After’ children, the admissions policy for the Academy prioritises brothers and sisters of children at the school and those living closest to the Academy. Our admissions policy is available below.

Nursery Admissions
For a place in our Nursery please contact our Office Manager, Mrs Dixon, on 01661 833996.

Reception Places and Transfers
The admissions to our school are managed by Northumberland County Council. The LA’s admissions policy and arrangements for applying for a place at the school either for your child to start at the beginning of Reception or at any other time are detailed on the county’s admissions website which is accessed by clicking here.