Pupil Responsibilities

Across school pupils are given opportunities to take responsibility in areas that we think are really important. Pupils are democratically elected to these responsibilities. They take their roles very seriously and strive to make a difference in our school.

As well as the children below, each child plays an important role of being a monitor in their class - from being in charge of watering classroom plants to sharpening pencils!

Wellbeing Ambassadors

We are the Wellbeing Amabassadors and we want to stop any type of bullying in our school. We want our school to be an even safer and happier place for EVERYONE! We can help you and tell you everything you need to know about bullying and what to do if you see it. You can come to us if you have any ideas or concerns about the school as a whole. We are always available, very approachable and happy to help.


Eco Council

We are the Eco Council and we want to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as reducing single use plastics and not littering. We can help you understand how important it is to protect our planet.


School Council

We are the School Council and we help make this school a better place to be. We will ask you what makes you happy in school and take your response to the Head Teacher.